Is this app free to use?

This app is free to use for up to 1,000 monthly pickups/deliveries. Upon reaching the monthly limit the Simple Pickup and Delivery widget will stop showing on the storefront until the limits are reset at the start of the month or your plan is upgraded, granting you unlimited uses. 1 pickup/delivery counts as anytime an order with the pickup/delivery option is created through your storefront with our app

You are currently using the Basic plan.

How do I manually install the app in my storefront?

If you require the app to be manually installed within your store, you can do so by adding a few script tags to your theme. Find a spot in your theme (usually somewhere in the head tag) and add the following scripts:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="" />

Please note that this app is configured to work for Shopify's default free themes. If you have a custom theme, installation may require additional assistance. Please contact us at if you require additional assistance.

How do I put a break within my availabilities?

Multiple availabilities can be added to each location.

For example, if you wanted to set your location open from 9AM to 9PM with a break from 2PM to 5PM you could add 1 availability with a start time of 9AM and end time of 2PM and then add another availability with a start time of 5PM to 9PM.

How do I enable local pickup and delivery in the checkout page?

The local pickup/delivery features of the checkout page are currently handled only by Shopify.

For the best customer experience, we recommend aligning your Shopify settings with this app's settings. The main Shopify settings that need to be aligned are the addresses and the pickup/delivery offerings of your locations (which will be displayed on the checkout page).

How do I set different delivery rates?

Rates for local delivery can be set natively in Shopify within your shipping settings. You can find more information about this from Shopify's documentation.

How do I offer local delivery for multiple areas?

Local delivery areas are currently defined by postal codes. You can add multiple postal codes separated by commas, or you can add a postal code with an asterisk (*) that will match all characters before the asterisk and any combination of characters after it.

For example, a postal code of M5J* will match inputs like M5J111, M5J0A7, or even just M5J, but it will not match something like M5K0A7.

Where is "X" feature?

If you are having trouble finding a certain feature or if a feature you'd like to see is missing, please contact us at While we cannot guarantee that your feature request will be implemented, we do track requests and implement them when and where it makes sense.

Who do I contact for additional questions and/or support?

If you have a question, require support, or anything else, please contact us at